Salt Lake’s City’s Eggcellent Day Out!

For those of you with little ones, the build-up of excitement that comes with the Easter holiday is absolutely awe-inspiring. 

And why not? From chocolate bunnies to the Easter Bunny to those weird, mystical sugar-bombs that we call Peeps, Easter brings about a surge of joy to children everywhere. And what greater joy is there at that age than taking part in an Easter egg hunt? I still remember roaming through the grassy fields at Easter family gatherings, searching for those brightly-colored, bulb-shaped mounds of plastic containing all the mysteries and wonders of the world, each promising a reward of unbridled childhood delight. There really is nothing like it and just thinking back brings such bittersweet nostalgia. 

Located in the Salt Lake City region, Wheeler Historic Farm is proudly featuring a socially-distanced Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt! Running from March 22nd to April 3rd, this event will serve as the nostalgic childhood experience your children will fondly remember for decades to come, from goodie-filled Easter baskets to wagon rides, to quality photo opportunities. While things will definitely be a little different than the norm because of Covid, your little ones will still get to enjoy the thrill of a search as they look for clues to lead them to their basket of treats.

Salt Lake City is and always will be a shining beacon of warm community comforts, the Wheeler Historic Farm included! If you’re living at great affordable local apartments like Downtown 360, you can have your picks of all the best dining and entertainment spots in the area, as well as quick access to great local events in the nearby area! It’s definitely an ideal spot to be if you’re looking for easy living and that welcoming community atmosphere! I really can’t wait until my next visit.

The 2021 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt will take place from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Guests are encouraged to bring along a camera for some excellent Easter memories you won’t want to forget! If you’re looking for additional information or looking to buy tickets, you can check out this helpful link HERE.

The magic of the Easter holiday is definitely something that can never be replicated for young’uns. You really will not want to miss out on this special experience that is sure to fill your heart with the joy and exhilaration of the Spring Season. Buy your tickets today and remember to practice safe Covid-friendly practices!


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Mar 23